Horty Design gladly responded to the challenge both as a socially responsible company and in collaboration with Municipality of Karpos edit the roundabout in Taftalidze 1.
We are proud and satisfied that the citizens liked it. We really only heard words of praise.

Especially noteworthy is the comment of Bojan Simovski, who from the profile can be seen as a professor at the Faculty of Forestry and who in his own, professional way says: “I noticed the greening today. Great choice of ornamental plants for urban environment: environmentally friendly and resistant to air pollution, and with high decorative features! This indicates economy in maintenance due to appropriate location conditions. A real refreshment, professionally made, well done. "

And really, we wanted to respond to the challenge professionally, nicely for the eye and appropriate for the urban environment. You say we succeeded, and we thank you for the kind words.

However, we must say that we are a little disappointed that this "beauty" in your opinion lasted only ten hours. Therefore, Horty Design appeals to the citizens to preserve what is common property, what should be nice for all of us and for all of us to use.

You can see how things have progressed in the photos.

We are satisfied with our achievement, but as we have already said, we are even more happy that you like it.

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