Without regular watering, a yard cannot be beautiful. An automatic watering system is essential in every yard / garden today. The advantages of irrigation systems are numerous:
  • The lawn and other plants receive the optimal amount of water;
  • The irrigation system saves water, and therefore money, because plants get as much water as they need (no uneven watering and excessive water consumption as with manual watering)
  • For quality hand watering in the yard, it is necessary to set aside a few hours during the day (morning or evening), the automatic watering system saves your time and pours instead of you much better than watering with a hose;
  • The hoses and sprinklers for the lawn are underground and do not count in the mowing and other activities on the lawn, the sprinklers when watering rise above the ground, and when they start pouring they return and are not even noticed;
  • The automatic irrigation system allows us to set the irrigation time according to the need of water resets, meteorological conditions and soil properties.
  • The yard / garden will be watered even when you are absent because their work is managed by control units - controllers.

Here are some of our equipment and projects: