Love story that was done in Horty Design

Part of the video was made in Horty Design. We are especially proud of that. We hope we have beautified it with dignity. Stefan and Teodora, Horty Design wishes you everything in life to flourish. To live in a flower garden surrounded by peace, harmony and happiness!

Arranging a roundabout in Taftalidze 1

Horty Design responded with satisfaction to the challenge and as a socially responsible company, and in cooperation with the Municipality of Karpos, arranged the roundabout in Taftalidze 1. We are proud and satisfied that the citizens liked it. We really only heard words of praise. Bojan Simovski's comment, for which […]

Visteria (glycine or blue rain) is a hit plant in the world

Visteria (glycine or blue rain) is a hit plant in the world. Did you know that in the series "Desperate Housewives" the street where the action takes place is called Visteria Line? And while the most common color of the wisteria is plain blue, we offer it in an unusual blue-violet edition, bridal […]